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Having been around for nearly ten years now as the best car detailing in Rockhampton and being associated with some of the best car detailers in Australia, our commitment to car detailing is marked by a dedicated approach that goes beyond a mere cut and polish service, regardless of the type of vehicle you own.

We exclusively utilize renowned and durable products such as Auto Glym, Meguiars, P.T.F.E., and cutting-edge ceramic coatings for optimal auto detailing results. Explore our latest offering, Autotriz Graphene coatings, recognized as the finest paint protection for cars available today.

Regardless of your car’s value, whether it’s $10,000 or over $100,000, our comprehensive treatments are applicable to all paint finishes. Whether dealing with swirl marks, scratches, or other imperfections, we ensure that anything removable is addressed.

Our focus is on delivering results with a genuine passion for our work. Adhering strictly to the one-vehicle-per-day rule for professional car detailing or paint correction, vehicles are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the late afternoon. This ensures ample time for meticulous attention and the application of top-tier paint products, resulting in not just a shine but, more importantly, a glass finish.

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In the realm of professional car detailing, the technical aspect, known as paint correction, is a thorough and intricate process. As part of our car detailing training, we offer a course in car buffing, which surpasses learning how to polish car paint by hand.

We firmly believe that achieving high standards in professional car detailing and paint correction requires time, and we stand by this principle. There are no shortcuts in our process, as evidenced by the “WOW” factor on our customers’ faces. Comments like “My car didn’t look like this when I bought it” or “I don’t want to drive it” are common expressions of satisfaction. Even a simple stage one paint correction treatment alone can produce remarkable results.

From the day you leave your car with Top Shelf Detailing, we guarantee you will be back with every vehicle you own. Take comfort in knowing that your ride is always safe in our hands and that we always aim to please


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