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Our Detailing And Car Care Services

Car Paint Protection

Need a ceramic coating for your new or used car ? Talk to us about our car paint protection packages and see how the best car paint protection can preserve you car’s market price

Car Paint Correction

Is your car heavily covered in scratches from car washes or holograms form poor bussing techniques ? Let our paint correction restore your damaged auto paint to a brand new shine and glass finish

Car Detailing

If your car is looking a little sad for wear, a good quality detail with your interior and exterior to restore that  new car look will put a smile on your face

What Professional Detailing Services Can You Expect From Top Shelf Detailing?

When you choose to have your vehicle treated by Top Shef Detailing,you choose to be looked after the best detailer in Rochampton.

Of course before we carry out any servicing on your vehicle, we carry out a thorough examination if its condition and ask you a little about any past work carried out on your vehicle.

We will meet with you to delve into the history of your vehicle.

Our initial focus will be understanding the existing condition of your car, assessing any damage to its surfaces, and determining the overall state of the paint. Following this comprehensive examination, we will engage in a detailed discussion to establish what is realistically achievable for your vehicle. What it will take to restore your car paint, interior or general overall car paint protection that it may need to prolong its life in the sun

Should your preference be auto detailing, we extend a suite of professional car detailing services designed to restore your car to a pristine, like-new condition. Vehicles requiring special attention and care for restoration may necessitate more than a single day’s work.  This can be over a period of 2 or 3 days at a time given the necessity of paint restoration required These are the cases where our detailers bring all their expertise and experience to the table, sparing no effort — even throwing in the kitchen sink, metaphorically speaking!

If you find yourself looking at your vehicle and thinking, ‘I don’t want to sit or drive in it anymore,’ your car is in dire need of our focused attention and hard work. Vehicle’s to this degree of attention do require some serious effort to restore and take time.

The restoration process, especially for interiors, may take an entire day to meet our high standards.

For exteriors, an additional day or two might be required. Paint correction on its own can vary between a day to three days at a time depending on the damage levels.

This is where Top Shelf Detailing truly excels, offering bespoke services with custom pricing. No vehicle has proven too challenging for us to handle so far.”


Paint Correction

Pint correction is really what you need if your car is suffering from scratches, swirl marks, marring and other serious imperfections on your paint work that may stem from car wash damage.

Car washes are renowned for car wash damage.

Nature and the sun can also be very harsh on your car’s paint work over time from animal matter from birds, bats and other flying species of birds and the sun is also highly dangerous to your paint if it is not protected.

Car Paint Protection

If you have just purchased a brand new vehicle and you have been thinking about the dealer offer to get car paint protection, whether it be a ceramic coating, PTFE coating, carbon ceramic paint protection coating or the latest and greatest Graphene paint coating that we provide also provide, the best suggestion that we can make as car paint care professionals is save the paint protection for car care experts who understand car paint.

Not car dealers who know how to sell cars. Buy the car and leave the car dealer for another car purchase some other time but when it comes to car paint protection in Rockhampton, Top Shelf Detaing is the King in Graphene car paint protection systems.

If you are not sure abor are confused about what best suits your needs, we are only but a phone call away from putting yoiur mine dto rest about what is best suited for paint prtection for your car

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing for cars for the most part is not that difficult as most cars are generally somewhat clean.

A vac, a dust down, a dash clean with some gragrance interior spray and you are on your way.

That is with light interior cleans but what about the heavier soiling and fluid stains on your car seats, door cards, console or dash, of the french fries under your seats. ? We can also cater to this.

Ask for help, and we shall deliver.

Paint Restoration Stages

First Stage

This stage paint correction is recommended for cars with light swirls or home wash swirling or very light scratches. A stage 1 one here will do wonders for your car’s shine

Second Stage

This treatment is reserved for vehicles with usually heavier scratches or swirl marks, predominantly caused by car wash damage from broom heads or rags

Third Stage

Third stage paint correction is reserved for only two types of customers. The one facing a respray if we can not save it, or the customer who wants the best possible shine

Fourth Stage

Fourth stage paint correction is very much an add on to stage 3. This paint correction treatment involves wet sand ing for saving individual panels fro respraying if stage 3 alone does not work

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