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Car Paint Protection

Need a ceramic coating for your new or used car ? Talk to us about our car paint protection packages and see how the best car paint protection can preserve you car’s market price

Car Paint Correction

Is your car heavily covered in scratches from car washes or holograms form poor bussing techniques ? Let our paint correction restore your damaged auto paint to a brand new shine and glass finish

Car Detailing

If your car is looking a little sad for wear, a good quality detail with your interior and exterior to restore that  new car look will put a smile on your face

Car detailing is designed to achieve just one thing, a perfectly balanced-looking vehicle in cleanliness from the exterior to the exterior. We are the best car detailers in Rochampton.

From a simple cut and polish or car buffing to applying a wax on the outside of your car, cleaning your wheels , wheel arches, bumper bars and more, or maybe even a ceramic coating, detailing the exterior of your car can transform its appearance.

Car detailing is designed to enhance your car’s appearance, it is not paint correction. If you have kept your car away from car washes and washed the vehicle yourself at home, a good buff and polish will do absolute wonders to your car’s exterior, increasing its depth and shine, and with the car detailing products we use, that shine will last a long time.

If you have a car that needs a good buff and polish to bring back its shine, talk to us. We can do more than most car detailers in Rockhampton can, especially with our car paint protection with ceramic coatings

Car Detailing Packages

Full Detailing

This pretty much one of our Pre-sale detailing packages for those wishing to sell a car or basically clean it up as best as possible


  • Engine Bay Detailed
  • Foam Wash
  • Tar Removal From All Body Work
  • Wheels High Pressure Cleaned
  • Wheel Arches Degreased & High Pressure Washed
  • Hand Dried
  • Clay Bar Of All Paintwork To Remove Bonded Contaminants
  • Machine Polished & Sealant of Carnuba Wax Applied
  • Black Trims Rejuvenated
  • Tyres Glossed

Please note if you have faded, chalky paint or medium to heavy scratches your car may need to undergo a paint correction. Please call Matty for further information. 


  • Door Jams & Boot Jams Cleaned and Detailed
  • Interior & Boot Area Tornador Vacuumed
  • Floor Mats Shampooed
  • Seats, & Carpets Shampooed with one pass (coat will be extra for additional passes)
  • Interior Trims & Pillars Scrubbed, Centre Console, Dash Detailed With Micro Brushes & Treated With A UV Protectant
  • Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

Small Vehicles 350 -400 Dollars

Medium Vehicles $400 – $450

SUV - 4WD $450 - $500

Mini Car Detail

If you are heading away on holidays, have messy little critters in the back seat or your car hasn’t seen some love for awhile our Mini Detail Package is here to help.


  • High Pressure Wash
  • Hand Wash
  • Wheels High Pressure Cleaned
  • Hand Dried
  • Tyres Glossed
  • Spray Wax Applied To Paint Work 
  • All Glass And Mirrors Cleaned


  • Door Jams & Boot Jam Detailed
  • Dashboard, Door Trims & Centre Console Wiped Clean & UV Protected
  • Floor, Seats, Mats & Boot Tornador Vacuumed
  • Interior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned
  • Interior Deodorised


Small Vehicles $150 Dollars

Medium Vehicles $180

SUV - 4WD $225

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing can trnsform the insides of your car when done properly.

Here at Top Shelf Detailing, we carry a range of professional interior treatment products designed to take out the grime and leave a refreshed scent that makes it a pleasure to sit in your car and drive it.

  • Door Jams & Boot Jams Cleaned and Detailed
  • Interior & Boot Area Tornador Vacuumed
  • Floor Mats, Seats, & Carpets Shampooed & Steam Extracted
  • Interior Trims, Visors, Centre Console, Dash Cleaned & Treated With A UV Protectant
  • Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

Small Vehicles $250 Dollars

Medium Vehicles $300

SUV - 4WD $350

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