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Protect Your Ride With The Best Car Paint Protection In Rockhampton With Easy Wash Easy Wipe Down Autotriz Graphene Paint Protection Systems

Car Paint Protection

Need a ceramic coating for your new or used car ? Talk to us about our car paint protection packages and see how the best car paint protection can preserve you car’s market price

Car Paint Correction

Is your car heavily covered in scratches from car washes or holograms form poor bussing techniques ? Let our paint correction restore your damaged auto paint to a brand new shine and glass finish

Car Detailing

If your car is looking a little sad for wear, a good quality detail with your interior and exterior to restore that  new car look will put a smile on your face

What Is Car Paint Protection Excactly ?

Car paint protection comes in many different applications ranging from spray waxes to ceramic coatings. When a vehicle has been painted the paint requires some sort of car paint protection treatment to keep it protected from UV rays, bird droppings, pollutants and other forms of environmental hazards. By using some form of car paint protection you will keep your cars paint in pristine condition and when it comes to ceramic coating car paint protection, we are the Rochampten car paint protection experts.

Why so many options for car paint protection and what should I choose for my vehicle?

Car paint protection start in a simplistic form from the basic application of a wax. Whether it be a spray wax or a paste wax this kinda product is easy to use , how ever spray waxes and paste waxes only last a few weeks and will slowly break down and you will have to reapply with in the time frame to keep your paint protected.

This type of paint protection can be a great way to protect your vehicle at home, however, it can be time-consuming.

The next form of paint protection is a paint sealant. Paint sealants are very similar to a wax however they tend to have more Teflon with in the product to give a more lasting durability over a wax.

Paint sealants usually last around 1 year before needing a replication. This type of car paint protection is very similar in applying as a wax but usually comes in two bottles and one with a cleaner type sealant and for for the application of the sealant.

For the final type of paint protection we offer is a ceramic coating.

There has been alot of hype in recent years over this product called a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is a paint protection which bonds to the paints surface and hardens as it sets. One of the biggest advantages of a ceramic coating is it’s long lasting jeopardy. This type of paint protection is permanent.

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Why Autotriz Ceramic Coating Paint Protection For Cars ?

Ceramic coating paint protection  is a lot harder then other forms of paint protections and creating a surface which is less likely to scratch your cars paint. The ceramic coating product we have chosen is Autotriz.

Not only can Autotriz be applied to painted surfaces it can be applied to glass, plastics, leather carpet and wheels.

Autotriz is a combination of a ceramic base consisting of Silica and Titanium dioxide (Sio2+Tio2) and a Graphene top coat. A revolutionary nano ceramic coating that utilizes three-dimensional (3D) matrix nano structure protecting the paint, whilst producing extreme clarity, gloss and mirror look reflections.

This permanent barrier which exceeds 9H hardness, offers excellent resistance against scratches, chemicals and extreme temperatures. It provides strong water-repellent properties and protects the paint surface from oxidation, discoloration, dirt, acid rain, salts as well as harmful UV rays. Suitable for use on exterior paint of cars, motorbikes, trucks and buses.

Car Paint Protection Prep

Decontamination –

Using a snow foam wash, the thick foam breaks down dirt, grime and everyday pollutants adhered to the vehicle and softens the contaminants allowing for a safe removal during a wash without scrubbing in any harsh substances that may be on the surface and causing further damage to the paintwork with swirl marks and scarring.

Followed by the initial wash and rinse, the car is then clay barred to remove bonded surface contaminants and industrial fallout (Airborne metallic substances that bond over time to your car).

We then follow this process by a final hand wash, the vehicle is then dried for a final inspection ensuring the surface is ready for our next step.

Paint Correction  –

Paint correction is by far one of the most important stages of detailing and preparing a car for our Autotriz Dual Layer Coating.

The paint surface must go through a process of restoring and rejuvenating, mostly by a combination of polishing with specialised hand tools and select compounds and polishes.

Starting with mild compounds, this removes the dullness, other deeper set contaminants and hazing, the final process is to use finer products and buffing equipment to ensure any marks and haziness is dissipated and the finish of paintwork is refined.

To then finalise after the final inspection, the car is wiped down with a Isopropyl Alcohol wipe to remove any oils that may have been left from equipment and also reveal the true finish, this will allow the Autotriz applicator to ensure if there is any more spots that require further correcting are corrected appropriately.

Our applicators ensure the surface finish is presented as best as possible, as once our coating is applied, the surface underneath is locked in.

Autotriz Paint Protection.
Autotriz Ceramic Coating

Autotriz Ceramic Coating Application

This is the most enjoyable stage and where the magic happens… the freshly beautified panels receive not only an unparalleled level of gloss and depth of colour, but a dual layer coat of arms to seal and protect the hours of TLC put into the vehicle.

Here at Top Shelf Detailing, we put a lot of love into our customer vehicles to ensure they are presented as showroom pieces after being treated with Autotriz.

Paint protection or ceramic coatings have huge benefits for protecting car paintwork long term.

Your car being easy enough to wash and wipe down is a good reason alone to have it.

Apart from that, the mere fact that it protects your car paint from fallout and UV rays and keeps it shining with colour for years is the better reaon to have it.

Not only does your car not appear to be ageing but by the mere reaosn of having it prolongs your car’s paint work and keeps it dollar value at maximum. Why would you not have it ?

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Car Paint Protection Questions

Is It Worth Getting Paint Protection On A Car ?

Yes, it very much  worth looking to buy paint protection or aceramic coating for a new car or even used car with good paint. Ceramic coatings these days are deogned to last and if you have been looking for something that is very durable and lasts much longer than just 6 months, I ceramic coating is very ideal for protecting your car.

What Is The Best Paint Protection ?

The best paint protection today is anything that is a of a ceramic base as this is a very hard coating. Currently, Autotriz is one of the best ceramic coating treatments on the market as it contains within its chemical base graphene just to make the top surface even harder to resist much harder wearing materials that  may come into contact with your paint

Can You Pressure Wash A Car Treated With a Ceramic Coating ?

Yes , you can wash a car treated with a ceramic coating. This will not hurt the vehicle or its paint

How Can I tell If My Car Is Ceramic Coated ?

Ceramic Coatings typically portray a much glassier shiner finish thatn your conventional waxing traetments. Waxes tend to give more of a depth shine while ceramic coatings tend to show a glossier much shinier finish. The bets way to terst to see if you have any paint protection at all is to throw water on the car.

If it beads heavily, or peels off in a sheeting fashion, you have a coating on there. If the water sticks to your car and covers it, there is nothing on your surfaces.

Is there anything better than ceramic coating for cars?

It must be noted that Graphene is much more durable than your standard ceramic coatings and more resistant to surface scratching. This paint protection base is fast making its way into the paint protection marketet and now even manufacturuers are starting to incorporate it into their paint protection chemical base

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